We Laid the Foundation for Our Food Forest!


We planted our fruit trees and some companion plants. Ground cover seeds met the soil.

We would like to thank our dear friend from Kuzey Ormanları Savunması (Northern Forests Defense) Hasan Fazıl Afacan for supporting us with seedlings and bushes we needed for our food forest. Seedlings Hasan sent us include judas tree, quince, plum, pomegranate, persimmon, apple, hibiscus, honeysuckle, silk tree, laurel, spirea and cotoneaster.



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We have provided the fertilizer we needed from our dear friends Gence Armağan & Füsun Yağlı from Biore Solucan Gübresi which produces vermicompost with the highest amount of organic material in Turkey, being closest to the highest rates of NPK required without using any additives, and have sent us their reports on these issues. We would like to thank them too and share the report.

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We still have work to do. We would like to meet this weekend to finish the remaining things:

  • Staking the trees, laying stones around them, mulching
  • Spreading seeds for ground cover plants (broad bean, pea, clover, trefoil, alfalfa, vetch) before weeds take over the garden
  • Mulching the beds and empty ground

Let’s bring a lot of cardboard with us. ^_^ See you!