A New Story: Shall We Have A Food Forest?

If you wish to have your own tree planted in the middle of İstanbul,

We are waiting for you on November 29, Sunday at 12:00 …


We want to turn Roma Community Garden into a sustainable “Food Forest” or “Forest Garden”, where we have year round harvest. In other words, a place where trees with different sizes, such as walnut tree, acacia, judas tree, surrounded by bushes, next to various weeds and herbs, with the earth covered with cover crops and the trees, their branches and roots surrounded with climbers. All these various species are able to live together. Taking a natural forest ecosystem as a model, this system consists of trees and plants that produce food, benefit the soil and attract beneficial insects and animals. Although a food forest requires human care in the first couple of years, in time it transforms into a self-sufficient system, just like a forest.

This is the most suitable season to plant trees. We will start planting our seedlings for our food forest. Maybe we will also remember that we can all live in harmony and nourish each other. Let’s have a forest, let’s be a forest together.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/140301622999186/