Food Forest Workshop

Join us on Saturday to learn what is food forest and why and how we do it before we plant our trees on Sunday.
What is Food Forest and how to apply it?

Is it possible to produce food mimicing the forest ecosystem? Can we design a food system that is more efficient than conventional and annual food production?

The answer is, yes!

Food forest is a permanent agriculture method which uses mostly perennials. Besides producing good food, it promotes polyculture instead of monoculture and it values increasing soil quality and bio diversity. The plant species selected for the food forest live in harmony with each other enhancing each other’s living conditions.

In a food forests, medicinal plants, plants that are good for forage and bio-oil are also used as well as food producing. Typical elements in a food forest can be plants that produce fruits and nuts, support trees with different heights, bushes, herbs, ground covers and climbers.

If you are interested in learning what is a food forest and how we apply it, join our workshop.

Some of the topics that will be covered in this workshop:
– The energy and life cycle of tree
– Succession
– Food forest design; stucking functions in time and space
– Food forest maintanence
– Planting techniques

We’ll also go over the food forest design that will be applied to Roma Bostan explaining why these specific plant species are chosen to be used and their specific needs.

Aybike Zengin

Workshop Venue: CREATOLYE / Oba Sok. Oba Apt. 2/A Cihangir Beyoğlu/ İstanbul (Old City Comedy Club)

2015 November 28/ Saturday

Time: Between 10:00-15:00

10:00 – 12:00 presentation
12:00 – 13:00 break
13:00 – 15:00 presentation


100 TL

For student and unemployed: 50 TL

Volunteer of Roma Bostani: 50 TL

The course capacity is 25 people. For booking, send an e-mail to [email protected]


Aybike Zengin kimdir?

Aybike Zengin, 1987 yılında İstanbul’da doğdu. 2010 yılında İstanbul Üniversitesi Orman Fakültesi Peyzaj Mimarlığı bölümüden mezun oldu. Aynı yıl Bill Mollison ve Geoff Lawton’dan Permakültür Tasarım Sertifikası’nı aldı. Permabllitz İstanbul grubunun kuruluşunda bulundu ve şehirde permakültür uygulamaları yapmaya başladı. 2012 yılında Türkiye Permakültür Araştırma Enstitüsü ile çalışmaya başladı. 2013 yılında Avusturalya Permakültür ,Araştırma Enstitüsün’de Geoff Lawton ve Nadia Lawton’ın yanında staj yaptı. Staj süresince Geoff Lawton’dan Permakültür Eğitmenliği, Toprak Yönetimi, Uluslararası Permakültür Yardım Projelerini Yönetme ve Çalışma kurslarını aldı. Permakültür İş Dünyası’nın kurucusu Nick Huggins‘dan Kentsel Permakültür Kursunu, Sürdürülebilir Toprak Yönetimi Kursunu Trust Nature’ın kurucusu Paul Taylor’dan aldı. 2015 yılında, Roma Bostanı tasarımını ve uygulamasını yaptı. 2012 yılından beri peyzaj mimarı olarak permakültür etik ilke ve prensipleri doğrultusunda tasarım ve uygulama projeleri yapmakta, permakültür danışmanlığı ve eğitimi vermektedir. Çeşitli STK’lar ile çalışmaktadır.


Aybike Zengin, was born in 1987, Istanbul.  In 2010, she got BA degree from İstanbul University, Faculty of Forestry, Landscape Architecture. At the same year, she got her certificate from Permaculture Design, instructed by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. She became one of the founders of Pemablittz İstanbul, and practised urban permaculture design. In 2012, she started working at Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey. Next year, she attended the internship programme of Australian Permaculture Research Institute and worked with Geoff&Nadia Lawton. She completed Teacher Training, Earthwork and International Permaculture Project AID worker classes of Geoff Lawton, Sustainable Soil Management class of Paul Taylor who is founder of Trust Nature and Urban Permaculture class of Nick Huggins, who is the founder of Permaculture Business World. In 2015, she designed and practised Roma Bostani.  Since 2012, she designs and practises landscape projects by regarding permaculture principles and ethics, consults and teaches permaculture. She also works for NGO’s as a volunteer.

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