Let’s Get the Roma Garden Ready for the Winter.

We get together this weekend to prep our Garden for the winter

 “Winter is on its way. Lets go outside and play!


We started with the motto: “Less talk, more work!” and it worked.

Last summer we built our vegetable beds, created our own compost, planted trees around the garden, and shrubs and herbs on the terraces.

The harvest has been rich. In a few months, we ate our very own tomatoes, eggplants and peppers, and shared it all with passers-by. We picked our own lavender, rosemary, basil and thyme.

Throughout the summer, we learned how to make compost out of organic waste, and ropes out of used rags. We used our ropes to liven up our Garden.

We made seed balls and planted them together with the kids in the neighborhood.

We kept our Garden clean.

Our numbers grew and the Community Garden became a place to make new friends.

Now it is fall and we already harvested our summer vegetables and made new compost out of their waste. So it is time to plant our winter seeds.

Let’s go out and play some more before the winter arrives. We will all be there on the November 7, Saturday, at noon, to begin planting our winter seeds. Come along!