We are still available, you are welcome!

Spring has arrived. Spring always arrives eventually!
The earth is waking up and we gather in the garden again to prepare it for summer.
Here is the program:
We will meet in the garden at 3.00 pm on sunday
We will plant summer seedlings in the vegetable beds. Özkan Öktel from Yedikule Bostanları will be there as well, sharing seedlings and his knowledge.

We will also plant new fruit trees to nourish our food forest.

Besides work and conversation, we will enjoy music and dance:

Tahribad-ı İsyan and Lindy Hop dancers Macka Swing will join us.
We also heard that the Don Kişot Cycling Collective will be pedaling our way that day. If you are a cyclist, follow them!
We will also make seed bombs and throw them in the Roma Park.
If you wonder why:
You probably already noticed the ongoing construction in Roma Park. Neighborhood residents haven’t been informed, but the situation is as follows: Although the development plans have been canceled and a motion for stay of execution has been granted, the “social facility” in the Roma Park has been put into effect and nowadays Roma Park is being arranged as the garden for the facility.

That’s why our seed bombs are important. As a sign of our trust in the power of seeds; and that we are awake, aware and together, we will spread seed bombs to Roma Park. And

right before that, you are also invited to join Beyoğlu Urban Defense to seal the social facility, which is illegally occupying the park.
Yes, we are still available, everyone is coming to visit and we are aware how precious it is.
So we invite all advocates of life, ecology organizations, NGOs, musicians, dancers, jugglers, kids, adults, everyone and anyone who wishes to touch the earth at the Roma Community Garden this Sunday and throughout the summer.
May our garden stay common and available
Hope to see you!