Springs’ Footsteps

All the seedlings we planted in December are growing now. Trees are leaning tall, they all have fresh buds and green leaves.

We’re happy. We’re hopeful.

We’ll be happy to share the latest news and what’s growing in Roma Community Garden. May it grow hope in all of us.


IMG_7457 12325268_10154066424869644_1602830679_n 12380139_10154066425779644_2037113158_n 12527787_10154066440194644_1372693005_n 12895294_10154066440124644_117141384_n 12895334_10154066427814644_1179788192_n 12899674_10154066423314644_333569140_n 12899811_10154066431959644_1354584356_n IMG_6701 IMG_6854 IMG_6862 IMG_6994 IMG_6997 IMG_7003 IMG_7005 IMG_7009 IMG_7013 IMG_7334 IMG_7341 IMG_7343 IMG_7352  IMG_7409 IMG_7418 IMG_7422