Agustin and Food Forest

Agustin Sepulveda Sariego is visiting Turkey for the second time for a series of acitivities on community building, local level cooperation, urban ecology and permaculture. He was first introduced to Turkish culture in 2010, when he was invited to teach a Permaculture Design Certificate Course together with Emet Değirmenci.


Sariego will be in Turkey until 26th February, 2016.

Sariego, who is an internationally renowned academic, visited Roma Community Garden on his day of arrival and gave his support for #barisicinakademisyenler. He then travelled to Bodrum to teach a Permaculture Design Workshop held by Karya Akademi and Slow Food Bodrum association.

He will share his knowledge and international experience during various seminars on urban social welfare, community building in neighborhoods and permaculture, organized by various NGOs. He will give advice and teach methods for strengthening neighborhood bonds and cooperation, which we are losing because of fast paced urban life. Cities are losing their green areas and becoming difficult to breath for the people so he stresses the importance of clean, urban food production as well. Sariego’s workshops are quite informative and educational, while being fun and entertaining.

He will be in İstanbul on January 23-24; in Çanakkale on January 30-31; in Küçükkuyu on February 6-7; and in Ankara on February 20-21.

 You can view his detailed schedule on Facebook: Agustin Sepulveda Sariego Türkiye’de.


Who is Agustin Sepulveda Sariego?

Biologist, with a Master in Education, Agustin has studies and experience in Social Ecology with Murray Bookchin (USA 1992); Ecological Economy with Joan Martínez Alier (1996); Permaculture (Chile and Norway with Jan Correa, Julio Pérez, Claudio Madaune, Mauricio Deliz and David Holmgren); Peace studies with Johan Galtung (2002); Ecological Sanitation with Peter Jensen in Norway (2004) and Ecological Agriculture, Agro forestry and Genetic Engineering (Brasil / Sweden, 1993-1995). Recently he received his international certification on Transition Towns (Chile 2015).

As a member of Change the World Norway (Forandre Verden), he conducts several seminars and workshops on Permaculture and Ecological Sanitation in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden), and Latin America (Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile).

He works in Chile as an environmental issues consultant, teaches biology and chemistry for a high school, and is a teacher for post graduate level in Chile and internationally (USA, México, Scandinavia, Colombia, Bolivia).

From 1995 to 2000 he was a member of the technical staff and for two years the leader of CETAL Valparaíso, a Chilean NGO devoted to Social Appropriate Technologies and was the NGO’s representative at the Main Regional Environment “Consultant Council” for a period of three years.

Agustín has been working in different universities as a teacher and curricula designer for different careers on History of Science, Philosophy of Sciences, Didactics of Science, Ecology, Social Ecology, Ecology of Chile, Systems Theories, Ecological Design and Permaculture, Neurological Basis of Learning, Learning Processes, General Didactics, Curriculum, and Ethics.

Agustín keeps contact with different communities and grassroots organizations at a national level since 1980 to the present, giving advice and working on low cost projects of environmental and green education with Permaculture and social appropriate technologies as a main focus.

He is the leader on ECOSAN and mud building with Estudio Matiz Architects and Constructions, and creates ᴧutentikᴧ, a professional association working on dry toilets for the world.